Advantages In Working With R&D Specialty...


No Set-Up, Screen, Art or Bar Code/Pre-Price charges!

In addition to our low prices, R&D does not charge for any of these extras! Beware of suppliers that charge extra for these services. Once these extra fees are amortized, the total item price can be much higher than originally expected.

What does this mean for you? This saves you money, thus increasing your profit margins and eliminates the annoying extra charges.


R&D will invoice the actual university royalty rate!

R&D does not charge a higher "flat royalty rate" or additional "admin charge." At invoicing, we will bill royalties according to the actual university rate. If you're a 15% royalty school, you'll be charged 15% and if you're an 8% royalty, you'll be charged 8% - nothing more.

What does this mean for you? The R&D price list does not include royalties for a reason. We invoice the actual university royalty rate and do not charge a higher "flat rate" or "admin charge." If you have a 10% royalty rate or less, you're actually paying too much royalty with a "flat rate" royalty price list.


R&D has a nationwide sales force!

R&D has a sales force spanning the country. Our multi-line sales reps are some of the best in the industry, offering other quality product lines in addition to the extensive R&D gift line.

What does this mean for you? Sure, searching through our extensive product catalog and website is great, but there are times when you just need to see the item(s) in person. This is where our sales reps can help. Our sales reps can show the hot new item samples, fine-tune any artwork designs, and answer any questions. Sales reps are an extension of the R&D office team and are there to help any way possible. Contact R&D for the sales rep in your area.


R&D has over 120 USA-Made Items!

Both our catalog and website display over 120 Made in USA items and more will be added as they are available.

What does this mean for you? USA Made item purchases support USA operated companies, creating more jobs and stimulating the economy.


R&D has multiple FOB points for many items!

R&D is able to ship from multiple factory locations across the country on many items. Instead of shipping these items across the country, we will use the closest FOB point, saving you both time and money while increasing your profit margin!

What does this mean for you? Our ability to ship from the closest factory location saves you money on freight, especially on heavyweight shipments such as mugs and glassware items. Instead of shipping items across the country, we will use the closest factory, saving you both time and money while increasing your profit margin.


R&D offers superior customer service!

Instead of a recorded auto attendant or having to leave a message, R&D has a live person to answer your call. Yes, we do have and use voicemail and an after-hours auto attendant, but a live person to answer your call and question(s) during normal business hours saves you valuable time. Feeling chatty instead? You can also chat with us online through the website if you prefer and we would be happy to answer your questions.

What does this mean for you? Having all of your questions immediately answered with one phone call saves you precious time instead of leaving voicemail messages that never get returned.


R&D takes pride in our selection of high-quality items!

R&D offers hundreds of high-quality gift items with retail packaging including retail header cards and gift boxes on most items. We have also partnered with reputable brands such as CamelBak, Contigo, and Bic in offering co-branded licensed products.

What does this mean for you? This ensures you and your customers are getting a quality product. Higher perceived value items also give the store the opportunity to increase the retail price if desired, thus increasing profit margins.


R&D Specialty offers the largest selection of license plate frame styles at the most competitive prices!

Many of our gift competitors source their line of license plate frames through another “competitor direct” source. R&D does not purchase from other “competitor direct” sources as some of our gift line competitors do. This allows us to offer lower license plate frame prices than our gift line competitors. We also have the largest selection of license plate frames in the market and offer some frames with a quick ship option.

What does this mean for you? If you are having license plate frame problems (delivery, quality, etc) with your current gift supplier, it’s likely your problems won’t improve by switching to another gift supplier as most use the same “competitor direct” license plate frame source. Take advantage of R&D’s lower prices and high quality selection.


R&D Specialty is a member of the Fair Labor Association (FLA) and has an established Code of Conduct!

R&D Specialty has an established Workplace Code of Conduct. R&D Specialty is also a member of the Fair Labor Association, enrolled as a Category C Licensee in the FLA Licensee Program and is also participating in the Enhanced Licensee Program. We are also also an active participant in the Sumerra Ethical Supplier Engagement Program (ESEP).

What does this mean for you? R&D actively audits/monitors our factories to make sure they are compliant within FLA guidelines and your custom printed licensed gift items are sweat-shop free. Do you know where your current gift items are coming from and whether the factory is compliant? Contact R&D Specialty for more information.


R&D Specialty offers free UPC-A bar coding!

We use the standard UPC-A bar code format but can also match any current format you are using. Please inform your sales rep or R&D if bar coding is required and which format is preferred.

What does this mean for you? This allows received orders to immediately be scanned and go directly to the sales floor rather than waiting to be ticketed with bar codes. This saves you time, money and should increase turns on the product.